The role of the Student

Students will be grouped in mixed-classroom teams and will work on ONE of the topics from the Horizon Report K-12, 2013.

Each team will have TWO student leaders who will help encourage and motivate contribution and collaboration.

Each team collectively will be responsible for the following:
  • Researching the topic - primary and secondary research
    • It is expected students will find real world situations and people to connect with to find primary examples of their topic to share, discuss and write about
    • Secondary research needs to be global overall in context and verified
  • Contributing to the team wiki based on the template headings
  • Final individual responsibilities to do with outcomes may be allocated under these areas:
    • Research leaders - overseeing approaches to research and making sure all references are correctly cited
    • Media fossickers - overseeing images, videos and other media to be included in the final eBook
    • Content editors - reworking content on the wiki to ensure originality, fluidity, appropriateness and interest
    • eBook managers - taking the lead with eBook creation along with student team leaders
    • Outsourced video clip organizers - ensuring all team members post a request for an outsourced clip using the template provided, monitoring that all requests receive a response, and supporting communication for this process