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3D Printing Provides Invaluable Guidance

3Dprinting has already found substantial traction in the dental implant and hearing aid business and SmarTech believes that the prospects for many other uses of 3D printing in the medical/dental market are rosy. There are numerous applications in the healthcare field where highly customized products, such as implants, must be created quickly. 3D printing fits such needs extremely well and we believe that medical/dental will become a big money spinner for the 3D printing sector in the near future.
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Crash victim gets a new face thanks to 3-D printing.

The life of a man so badly disfigured that he felt self-conscious leaving his house has been transformed by pioneering surgery using 3-D printed parts.
Stephen Power suffered severe injuries to his head and face in a motorcycle crash in 2012 and was in hospital for four months. "I can't remember the accident I remember five minutes before and then waking up in the hospital a few months later. I broke both cheekbones, top jaw, my nose and fractured my skull," he said.
The plan involved sawing his left cheekbone into three fragments that would be repositioned to mirror the right side of his face. During the eighthour procedure, Mr Sugar used a 3-D printed template to guide his incisions, allowing him to translate precisely from the computer simulation to the patient's flesh and bone.

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- stegmanj26 stegmanj26 Mar 21, 2014

3D printing: the new buzzword for software companies.

Software firms are betting big on 3D printing, an emerging technology that could prompt manufacturing companies to spend more on information technology.
Infosys, Cognizant Technology Solutions and Mindtree are in the process of readying a sales strategy for 3D printing, a concept that lends itself to rapid manufacturing of products ranging from sunglasses to artificial limbs.

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- stegmanj26 stegmanj26 Mar 21, 2014